Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three weeks left!

Yikes. Time is flying. Here's some quick updates on the Prince Johansson household.

Theo and Grace finished up with year-end exams with "lenguaje" (grammar and language arts) this Monday and "matemática" this Wednesday. There were 6 or 7 pages of written work for the lenguaje - Gracie's hand hurt afterward and Theo showed me his writing blister. As far as math, they both claim they are part of a small minority that enjoys it. Yay! Really, Dan and I couldn't be prouder of these two - they both worked so hard this year. They've come so far from their first week of school when they could hardly understand anything, to now, when they are doing great in all their classes. Theo even corrects my Spanish from time to time now and they both speak with a Chilean accent.

Theo's soccer team also finished up the year with a great "Championship" game, in which they won. Theo was on fire and had a great game. Grace and Theo have also been caught up the table tennis fever that has swept their school. Sometimes, when the other has an after school class, I'll stay and play ping pong with them for an hour and a half. Theo finally beat me too! Next week, they will finish up school on Wednesday. And Thursday and Friday are all day outings that parents have organized for their respective classrooms.

Dan's work days continue along, although he is bracing himself to give up his 5 step commute to the desk with the ocean view. He also is really enjoying his time with his running group twice a week and the fact that they run along the beach at sunset. I'm not sure it gets more beautiful than that. There's a family fun run Saturday here in town, for which he's hoping to convince the kids and our friends Jenny, Jon, and their girls, to participate.

Jenny, Jon, Solana and Franny, our good friends from Minneapolis, who are living in Mendoza this year, are on their way back for one more visit this weekend. Jenny is running her first marathon, "la maraton costa pacifica 2012". We're all excited to cheer her on and I might even jump in for a very short distance of support running.

I'm wrapping things up with my various projects. I've been at the print shop, spiral-bounding my 60 page organizational analysis to turn in. I've also been making arrangements for our last Chilean trip. We're heading down to Patagonia next Saturday - as far south as we can go, short of Antarctica. We'll be hiking for four days in the Torres del Paine Park. We're thrilled although our hiking plans may include rain, snow, gail force winds and very strong sun (as the hole in the ozone is quite large there). Given that some of us will be in jeans and tennis shoes, we're feeling somewhat ill-equipped, but optimistic nevertheless. We're hoping for more penguin sightings.

Finally, I'm starting to gear up for what's next for me once I arrive back to Minnesota. I am considering going back to graduate school for a mid-career organizational development degree. So, I am spending a lot of time on the internet and on skype, doing research and talking to folks about program options (feel free to send suggestions).

A busy time for us, all with the backdrop that the end of our year is drawing near. We haven't really started to fully process our upcoming transition, but I think we all have a sense of what a wonderful year we've had.

With great appreciation,

photos: Gracie with her teacher Dorys and friends, the Champion soccer team!, what I think must be a clematis (wow!), some photos Gracie took on a recent walk around our neighborhood.


  1. Hi Everyone,

    It looks like your year is ending with many achievements, good friends, enjoyable memories and a new adventure in Patagonia. I hope you find those penguins and have a grand time.

    I don't have any more advice about grad school, Laura, but I'm glad you're exploring the options.

    Here in MN Grandma Jackie and I, along with two friends, are going to the Augsburg choir vespers tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you, and we're looking forward to your return with great anticipation.

    Love, Grandma Mary (You got wonderful photos, as usual)

  2. Hi Theo, Grace, Laura and Dan,
    We are SO looking forward to having you back home! Earlier this year, during Joys and Concerns at Sunday School, Andrew said that his biggest joy was that Theo would be coming home this year! Yippee!! I am so glad you have had a wonderful experience and we can't wait to hear more about it.
    See you soon,
    Lindsey Thomas