Monday, December 19, 2011

Torres del Paine

Taking a break from packing to continue sharing the story of our trip to Patagonia...

On our third day in Patagonia (last Monday), we made it to the Torres del Paine National Park.

We proceeded to hike for the next three days. Our first day was the toughest hike. We hiked 18 kilometers or 11 miles round trip to the Torres. See up above.

We didn't get to the trail head until 12:30pm and it took us around 9.5 hours (good thing the sun didn't go down until 10pm). The last part of the ascent was pretty tough (see Gracie in the video), but what an amazing view when you come around the last boulder and see the Torres (or towers) and the lagoon below! Spectacular.

Everyone was pretty sore and tired upon arrival, but we were pretty impressed the kids were able to do it. We also lucked out with the weather - warm and sunny and not too much wind.

We saw some foxes walking the riverbed as we came into our campsite that night! It was magical. We had also seen a condor soaring over head and the guanaco herds (see the llama-like animal) woke us at daybreak the next with their mooing sounds.

Other than that we heard....silence! It was beautiful. After being in a very urban environment all year, it was such a treat to find ourselves in the wilderness.

I better catch some sleep now. Theo would like to write about our hike to the glacier tomorrow.
Buenas noches,


  1. What great photos. What a great hike and Grace, Theo, way to go. Si, pos, Uds. son unas estrellas de rock! All the best.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Katherine Harter/Hepenstal reminded me of your connection to Joyce Preschool (I worked at CEED), and I'm so glad she reminded me as I bumped into your blog in the middle of the night last night wondering if we should move from Ecuador to Chile for the remaining time of our family sabbatical. Loved the posts from you and your family, and wish you the best as you reintegrate to S. Minneapolis. Would really enjoy skyping with you sometime to learn more about Chile if you have time once you are settled in MN. Best wishes,