Sunday, December 18, 2011

Penguins of Patagonia!

Last week we had a very nice trip to Patagonia Chile. This was our first stop, Monumento de los Pinguinos, just outside of Punta Arenas. We took a two hour boat ride to the Isla Magdalena, where there were tons of penguins everywhere and some would even come up to you and stare at you with curiosity!

If you ever go down to Patagonia I definitely recommend it!



  1. Those penguins are amazing aren't they? 150,000 of them on one island! And how cool is it to sail on the Strait of Magellan? I'm just sitting here at our kitchen table in NYC, looking at our world map, and realizing how far away that is and what an adventure you've just had.

    Enjoy your last few days in Chile!

  2. Etta (from Patrice's class)December 23, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    There must have been hundreds of penguins in Patagonia! Do you know what type of penguins they were? Its amazing how close you were to the penguins. I would love to be with you to see those penguins!

    P.S.we had two kids leave Penny's class,so Theo and Grace could be in Penny,s class!