Monday, November 28, 2011

A Chilean Thanksgiving

On last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we had a party to celebrate. We invited all our Chilean friends as kind of a goodbye party/Thanksgiving gathering.

My mom made tons of traditional food and people brought other Chilean food to share. Unfortunately, we didn't have a full turkey- but instead deli slices of turkey. We also didn't have cranberries or pumpkins, but my Mom made squash pie. You couldn't tell the difference from pumpkin pie (I thought it was the real thing).

People also shared their talents, like singing and playing instruments. Some people had to sit outside because so many people showed up and we didn't have enough room for everyone.

It was kind of disappointing not to have some of the traditional foods or be with our family, but it was still fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends here.


p.s. Mom says that the reenactment of the first Thanksgiving by us kids was the best part of the evening. See picture of Theo as dead turkey on the floor.


  1. A really memorable shindig!

  2. Nice post GH! Glad you liked the pie. I think the filling was based on the same one I made here in Eugene. We had lots of real turkey and by the time we were finally done with leftovers, B, Z and Seth too were saying they didn't want any more. So, remember that you just had turkey sliced deli meat this time next year, ok?

  3. Gracie,

    I am curious about how long "Dead Turkey" Theo was required to lie motionless on the floor. All through dinner? That would have been cruel.

    This is a very well-written article.

    Uncle Dan Rogers