Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End of school!

Today, being the last day of school, was a sad day and a happy day. First when I got to school, almost everyone came dressed up, some as boxers, soccer players, pirates etc. After that, we did what is called a "desayuno compartido'' (shared breakfast) where we walk around and serve ourselves what we want from a buffet-like setting. For example, yogurt, honey, fruit and more.

Then, we started the end-of-school year/costume program. Different groups got up and performed for the rest of the school. For example, first, "prekinder" went on the stage and played instruments and sang. Then, the "taller de clown" came up and acted like bumper cars. After that came the costume parade by grade, in which students went up on the stage and showed their costumes. I'm dressed as a tourist in sunglasses.

Then one of the teachers made a speech about how some students and families will leaving, not only from the school but from this country too. And then he invited Gracie and me up to the stage! He asked us if we had anything to say. Grace said "gracias" and then he asked my mom to come up and say a few more words. I was really nervous.

After that we exchanged some gifts with mom that we had worked really hard to make. I made a basket out of painted woven paper. Mom made chocolate chip cookies and she helped finish my mosaic box and then gave them to me.

Mom took us out to lunch after that to celebrate.

Here's a list of some stuff I learned this year:
  1. 1. I learned how to speak, read and write in Spanish.
2. I learned a lot of different ways of how to do multiplication and division.

3. I learned how to dance the "Costillar" folkloric dance.

4. I learned how to deal with all kinds of people and lots of different situations.

5. I learned how to play ping pong and I got a lot better at soccer.

6. I learned how to write in cursive.

7. I learned to sing some Chilean songs.

- Teo or as I'm known in Minnesota - Theo.

p.s. Here's some photos of some of my favorite memories of tercero básico (3rd grade) at Monte Alegre.


  1. awesome post, Teo! Minnesota is counting down the days to your arrival...

  2. Great post, Teo! You had a most remarkable year, and learned what probably equates to 2-3 years of school back home. Nice job! Both you and Gracie have done so well this year. I'm sure they will miss you in Valpo when school starts again in March.

    However, I'm getting excited about seeing you soon. I'll have to get know you all over again. It doesn't sound like you've worked on your Rummikube skills so maybe I've got a chance playing that game.

    Love to all the family and best wishes for your trip to Patagonia. Love, Grandma Mary

  3. Congrats Theo! Sounds like you had an amazing year. Can't wait to see your new dance moves.

  4. Theo,

    Just promise me to play soccer for the Knights or for the Revolution (or even the "Chunchos", your Papa Dan knows about them)! Ole! Have you seen the goalie Rene "Loco" Higuita do the "Alacran"? It's "fantastico"!

    congrats on a great year,