Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Southest

Greetings from Puerto Natales, gateway to Torres de Paine National park in Chilean Patagonia.  We had a wonderful visit to a small island in the windy Strait of Magellan that is home to thousands of nesting Magellanic Penguins.  Then a long bus ride here, followed by tasty pizza and Natales microbrew.  The sun was just setting at 10:15 when we finished packing for our hike tomorrow and crawled into bed.  And no, we did not check out the Southest Mall in the World.


  1. What an amazing, mysterious, beautiful location you are in right now! I can't wait to see your photos. And I am embarrassed to admit that I have been to the world's southern most mall- but it was definitely not my choice!

  2. <marianne, Amy and ich have been in Germany since December 5, and we fly back to the States on Friday, Dec. 16, from munich. The German keyboard is nearly the same as ours, but not quite, as you can see.

    <if we do not cóntact you again before Christmas, have a nice flight home to <minnesota and a very joyful Christmas.

    <uncle Dan

  3. Riana, we'll have to hear that story! Can't wait. @Uncle Dan - hope you are having a great time in Germany! Greetings to Amy and Marianne.

  4. Awesome trip!!!!that will be my dream trip one day.. so enjoy it and have a safe return home.

    Maria B

  5. Those penguins are super cute. I showed them to Zara and her teacher the day they were trying to put together a penguin puzzle. You'll have to tell us just how close you actually got and how it was to see them like that. Good luck with packing. Sending you hugs and kisses!