Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glaciar Grey- Patagonia Part III

"We went up to see a glacier one day,
And it was called, Glaciar Grey".

That was our song that we sung through the whole hike. We added lots of verses along the way and even got Dad to sing one or two verses, such as...

"Mommy got up and wanted to go,
but Daddy got up and first wanted his jo".

Anyways, on day #2, after a catamarĂ¡n ride across a lake, we hiked about 5 hours up to the "Refugio Grey". This was a lot easier than our first day's hike, but I was still sore. A refugio is like a hostel. We all had hot showers and a very tasty dinner. We splurged and got orange fanta and wine for my parents.

That night we met a U.S. person who had been going to Patagonia for the last 8 years to do trail maintenance.

In the morning, we got up and went to a "mirador" (a scenic lookout), where there was a huge iceberg and you could see "Glaciar Grey" (glacier in Spanish). It's 100 sq. miles in area and 28 km long (17 mi.). In other words, GIGANTIC!

There was a lot of chunks that had fallen off of the iceberg, so we threw rocks at them and picked them up. It was really fun. Then we started the hike back...still singing our song. We got back to the Refugio Grand Paine and had a yummy buffet dinner and kept reading Harry Potter #6.

It was spectacular to see a glacier up close (especially before they all melt).



  1. Hey Teodoro! Great post! Have you learned the word in Spanish for ICEBERG? When I was in Patagonia I was told that the word is "iceberg", as in
    i-ceyberrg! jejeje! Que bakan no?!

  2. Nice job, Theo! I hope those glaciers are around for a good, long time yet, but at least you got an up-close and personal look at them, which is what I'm planning to do to you on Sunday. Love, Grandma Mary

  3. Nice song! I love hearing about this trip. It sounds like you guys are really wonderful hikers too. Amazing. I think you might end up reading this in Minneapolis, but hope that the memories are still plenty clear.