Friday, December 9, 2011

One last the end of the continent

Well, it looks like we somehow are all packed and ready to go for tomorrow. Since the end of school on Wednesday, we've spent the last two days on all-day outings with Gracie's and then Theo's class. It is such a wonderful tradition to go out to a recreational park or campground with some kind of pool; swim, play soccer, and have a huge bbq. It was a nice way to end the year for both kids and a great chance to say goodbye to all their friends.

Now, somewhat short on sleep and in Theo's case a bit sunburned - we're off to just about the end of the continent - southern Patagonia. We fly from Santiago to Punta Arenas tomorrow (a 3 hour flight south!). Then we take another day to travel to Puerto Natales, and finally we'll go into the Torres del Paine National Park on Monday and come out on Thursday. As you can see from these internet photos it looks like a rugged landscape with snow covered peaks and glacier lakes. Lots of folks have said its the most beautiful spot in Chile and one of the best trekking spots in the world.

We look forward to updating you all upon our return. Then its 6 short days to pack up and finish with goodbyes. :-)

Cross your fingers for fair weather,


  1. Thanks all of you for keeping in touch AND for sharing your journey with all of us near and far! Have a Safe and Sound and Fun Filled Trip.. Gee...maybe we thought Patagonia was just those fancy clothes..I guess not Huh?
    Love You All...eagerly awaiting your return to Garfield and a snowy Painter Park ;0) With Love ! Lynne & Linda

  2. Wishing you the best of travels!
    Love, Mary

  3. Hi Lojo and Dan,

    I'm getting some outstanding desktop images from your bodacious blog! Thanks! and Feliz Navidad!


  4. @Lynne and Linda - we'll be seeing you soon back in the 'hood! Can't wait. @Mary - thanks Mom - will give a call soon. @Carlitos - ¡feliz navidad a ti también!