Monday, August 1, 2011

Tear gas at the soccer match!

Our family, along with Stefan and Jules Walzer-Goldfeld, Grace and Theo's good friends from NYC, went to a local soccer match yesterday. Valparaiso's team, the Santiago Wanderers, has had a bad record as of late and the fans frustration boiled over at another loss to one of the last place teams in the league. With 5 minutes still on the clock, a couple of fans jumped the fence onto the field and started picking fights with the Wanderers players! The game was suspended.

At first we were in shock and transfixed by the spectacle. Gracie encouraged us to make a move on just as a whole section of the stadium started a brawl with the police, who responded with tear gas! We quickly made for the doors, and then for the microbuses to take us back to the city. Watching from inside the buses that we were waiting to depart we watched as some young bucks ran out of the stadium with the police water canon truck just behind them! Then happily our bus left. Perhaps a little more excitement than we would have wished.

Nothing like being back in Valparaiso!

p.s. More chronicles of our PerĂº trip next..the best is coming up...Machu Picchu!


  1. Dan,
    I've seen some Red Sox fans do some crazy stuff. But those fans "take the pastel" lol. Grace and Theo will have some tales to tell to their schoolmates back home!

    I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!

    Chuck from "Chucktown"

  2. Guess they take their soccer pretty seriously!

  3. Hi Laura,

    Sounds like the Raiders I attend. Great fun...

    Absolutely love the blog. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us.


  4. Remind us not to go to the Raiders with you Teo! It actually reminds me a lot of soccer matches in London. Now, we have to decide if we should take Deb and family to a game when they visit next week! :-)