Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fresh Fish!

It's a good thing family comes to visit! It's a great impetus to do some of the things outside your daily routine. So when Deb and Jupe suggested a coastal dinner, it was a great excuse to try to cook up some of the local seafood.

Jupe, Gracie and I hopped on a bus down to Caleta Portales on Thursday morning. It's such a fun fish market. You weave around the fishing boats and buy fish right as they come in from the morning's catch. The vendors, many of whom are real characters, filet it right there for you. While we were waiting we were treated to some fresh oysters, which slid down nicely with lemon. Gracie even enjoyed them! Meanwhile the seagulls, pelicans, and sea lions are all vying for the cleaned out remains. It makes quite a sight.

We grilled some merluza (hake), fried up some reineta (Southern rays bream?), and made a spectacular machas a la parmesana (parmesan clams in wine sauce). Martha Stewart eat your heart out. The clams took probably 2 plus hours to prepare (with 3 of us working) and 5 minutes to cook - but it was well worth it! Yum!!! Great food, great company.

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  1. Great photos. Makes me wish I was there again. Have fun.

    Love, GMa Mary