Saturday, July 30, 2011

Peru Rail

Hello everyone, as you know we went to Peru and one of the really cool things we did was take a train ride. We had to take a train or hike the Inca Trail from Cusco to go to the town under Machu Picchu and we decided to take the train. The train was called Peru Rail and it was really cool! There was really pretty scenery on the route including: rivers, mountains with snow, ruins and other stuff. The route lasted about two hours and we got to take it back to Cusco too! All in all the train ride was really cool!


  1. Hi Gracie,

    That looks like a clean, comfortable train and the scenery must have been entertaining. You've had quite a few different modes of transportation while on your year abroad, but the train looks really relaxing and enjoyable (especially more so than the many-hour horseback ride).

    Today is Auntie Caitlin's birthday but also your parents' 11th wedding anniversary (gifts of steel traditionally but the modern version is gifts of fashion jewelry). I hope everybody has a great day of celebration and I wish I could join you.

    Love, Grandma Mary

  2. Oh GH! The train looks lovely! We took the train for just one direction and sat in a normal car - nothing as gorgeous as the one with all the windows. Did you feel any different when you got down to lower elevation? I didn't mind being up high, but I was glad to get back to Lima, all the same!

  3. Gracie responds: Grandma, I think the horse-back riding was just fine. Annie, That's really cool that you did the Inca Trail!