Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids rock out at school!

The kids performed in puppet shows this week at their school. They did awesome! Other parents kept coming up to the kids and us and saying what a good job the kids did performing in Spanish.

Theo was a hedgehog (we think) and his class talked about friendship. Gracie was the grandfather and granddaughter in a vignette about children's human rights (maybe I'll get the video up later).

We also had parent-teacher conferences this week and last. Grace and Theo had report cards with the exam scores on them (for the first time ever since their school at home does portfolios/evaluations). Their exam scores translated into a "muy bueno" the highest category in all their subjects. Their teachers talked about grading them the same as if they were Chilenos and about how the kids are doing great. We sure think so!

A very proud mom,


  1. Maybe you'll get the video up later? You are going to tease us with the knowledge that there IS video that we CAN'T see? How cruel! Seriously, rock on, Grace and Theo!

  2. @Russ - I know, lame. But I've tried to get the video up twice over several hours. It's only 50 seconds, but I'm obviously uploading challenged.