Sunday, August 7, 2011

A quiet weekend...

We had a nice quiet weekend. I finished a scarf for Theo. Grace is knitting her own. Now Theo is all geared for Chilean winter; wool hat from the Chilean island of Chiloe, mittens from Peru and matching scarf from Mom. We're just missing our winter coats, but since it doesn't get below freezing here fleeces and rain jackets have sufficed.

We also went to see Cars 2 in Spanish - twice! Dan couldn't get away on Friday, so we saw it and offered to take him back on Saturday. Lo and behold we all understood most of it! Very exciting. We even got most of the jokes (normally very difficult).

Dan has been putting in extra hours at work this weekend. He's had some tricky software puzzles that have left him scratching his head. But we got him out for a movie and he also took time out to crush us in a game of Quiddler (great word game for the family).

Today the kids and I made homemade buttermilk, mixed grain pancakes. Yum. There's no buttermilk in Chile so we had to add little vinegar and cream to our skim milk. The end result was amazing. I'm threatening the kids with never going back to mixes!

Sending our greetings to all.


  1. I made an orange torte cake yesterday for a neighborhood picnic, and that recipe calls for "sour milk." You make it by mixing whole milk (seven parts) and lemon juice (one part). It turned out fine.

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  2. Hey Uncle Dan, I guess you can use lemon juice or vinegar. Maybe we'll try lemon juice next time. Hope your cake was delicious.

  3. After the weather we've had, it's very hard to imagine that it could be winter anywhere in the world!

  4. Hey Deb, Isn't that funny - we're ready for a little warm up soon. The trees are starting to bud - so maybe spring is on its way. Hope you're staying cool.

  5. Understanding the jokes in a foreign language, especially the subtle ones like they sneak into movies like Cars, shows you have a good grasp of Spanish. I'm still working on muy bien.

  6. Totally makes me want to see Cars 2. Awesome that you were able to understand the jokes! Say no to the pancake mix, making your own really isn't so hard. I think you can also do milk + yogurt for buttermilk.

  7. @Annie- not hard, just time consuming. If we have all morning- why not? Right. Yes, I've heard the yogurt recipe too - probably a little lighter than the adding cream method -but it sure was tasty. I thought of buttermilk pancakes at Chez Annie and Seth and promptly heated syrup with butter!