Sunday, August 21, 2011

A play day!

Friday was a gorgeous day and the Hales and we decided to contract a driver and van for the day and head down the coast.

If there was a theme to our day it was...a fun day (Dan and the kids played hookey). A day for everyone to play like and with the kids. Fernando was a great addition to our crew as our guide and driver.

1) First stop: Isla Negra. Pablo Neruda's coastal home, now museum. The kids had already visited with their school, but it's such a neat house right on the ocean they agreed it was worth a second trip. It's filled with Neruda's quirky collections, beautiful art, and several desks. Neruda, Nobel poet, is a great testament to playfulness like filling every corner of his home with massive and silly 18th century figureheads from ships.

2) Second stop: Nave Imaginario (imaginary ship). An interactive house in the shape of a great ship replete with rope ladders, hidden trap doors, indoor slides, and eccentric creator.

3) Third stop: Quisco, a beach stop for some lunch and the kids took the frisbee out to the beach.

4) Fourth stop: Casa Blanca and a vineyard. We stopped in time to sample some local wines (see kids reading Kindles) and see the sun go down.

5) Last stop: We convinced Fernando to swing by Amor Porteño for some of our favorite ice cream in Valparaíso, before getting home.

A great day.

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