Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our first medical situation

I didn't want to write "emergency" and get all the grandmas worried. Theo took a dive - face first- on the stairs going down to school yesterday. Really, we're shocked that it hasn't happened before now as we traipse up and down hundreds of stairs everyday - all at different heights and widths.

He was pretty scraped up and a big goose egg to boot, so I took him in to "atenciĆ³n urgente" at a nearby clinic. Theo was a trooper...he got checked out, answered all sorts of questions - in Spanish no less, got an IV with some pain-killer and anti-swelling cocktail, and underwent x-rays. I paid in cash for what probably would have cost 4 times that amount in the US. And what timing, as our medical cards just arrived a week ago (8 months into our trip)! Good thing he waited...:-)

No fractures or concussions, just a tough mug like he's been brawling in the port pubs here and a bit of a scare for him and me.


  1. Wonderful picture! Glad Theo will be fine. Be well and rock on!

  2. Glad you're ok and you got to see what the medical system is like. Hugs to you all!

  3. Wow. My heart was racing reading your account. Glad you're OK Theo!

  4. I got worried anyway. Happy that Theo is okay but it was kind of scary just looking at the xrays. Watch your step, Hon!

    Love, G.Ma Mary

  5. Thanks for all the well wishing and "rock on" wishes. Happy to report that Theo and his face are recovering quickly. :-)