Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home again...

Three weeks of travel, four countries, 10 days in 10,000 feet or over, 799 photos... where to begin? It's really good to be "home"!

We had a great trip. I traveled solo to Dana Point, California (1.5 hours south of LA) at the beginning of July for my younger sister Britt's wedding. After five days (two plus in transit), I arrived back to Valparaiso long enough to take a shower and grab my other suitcase and Dan, the kids and I headed back out to Perú for the kids' two week winter school break.

Now we're back in Valparaiso and in our routines while catching up on things. I'll try to share some photos and stories of our travels. It was an amazing trip.

(photo of the Condor Chamber in Machu Picchu - see the natural stone wing structures behind the kids and the carved head below them).

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