Monday, July 4, 2011

Vamos Chile! Vamos los EEUU!

While these may look like great 4th of July hats, there actually Chile cheering hats for the Copa America soccer tournament. All the heavy weights soccer teams from Latin America are playing for the next month in Argentina. Chile has high hopes for her team and there is soccer fever everywhere here (think superbowl with the whole country cheering for one team).

So as we cheered Chile to a 2-1 victory over Mexico tonight (lo siento a todos nuestros amigos Mexicanos) we also thought we could cheer for the good ole' USA on her birthday. Happy Fourth everyone (especially to all those at Ottertail Lake, MN - we missed celebrating with you) and Vamos Chile!!!!

p.s. Tomorrow I head to LA for my sister Britt's wedding!!! We're thrilled for Britt and Pat, and just sorry its too far and too expensive for all of us to travel. I return on Sunday and we leave that same day for a two-week winter break trip to Perú. Machu Picchu here we come! Not sure when we'll have a chance to post next (we'll be traveling without our laptops), but we'll have lots of stories to share next time we check in. Until then, our best to all of you.


1 comment:

  1. Love the hats!

    Be sure to save them for next year Fourth of July.

    Love, Grandma Mary