Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You never know what to expect...

We were just telling the kids this weekend that when you are invited to a Chilean event - try as you might to get details or information, its still an unknown until you just get there and experience it. Case in point... on Sunday someone from Dan's running group and I were talking about swimming. I explained how I hadn't been able to find a pool yet and she invited me to join her the next day to visit a free municipal pool not far from her house.

So last night I hopped on the metro and traveled a half an hour to Viña del Mar, and then we grabbed a taxi/colectivo that climbed into the hills. When we got out, I saw a bubble - like what you might see over a tennis court in MN. Well, its now in the upper 30s or lower 40s at night here...chilly and my first surprise was realizing there was no heat in this little bubble. The second surprise 5 minutes before we got in, was that I hadn't been invited to swim laps, but rather a water aerobics class! And the final surprise was that I think they turn off the pool heat on the weekends, so by Monday night the water was a little warmer than the air..not much.

Steam rising over the pool, dimly lit by some lights outside the bubble, I did double time to my water aerobics to stave off the goosebumps, while old Whitney Houston played on the boom box! Not what I expected, but a fun or maybe exhilarating time nevertheless! brrrr.

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