Thursday, June 2, 2011

Music to my ears

Last night I was cooking up some chicken vegetable soup. Dan was off at his running group in Viña. The kids were entertaining themselves with a school yard game called "bolitas". Essentially its marbles or some form of the game. Grace and Theo both play it during recess at school and of course they learned to play here in Chile - in Spanish.

So as I chopped vegetables, I just basked in the sound of the kids bantering back and forth in beautiful Spanish. "Vamos a jugar menti." "No, verdi". "¡Chita!" "No, esto no fue." and so on.

It was lovely! Music to my ears.


  1. It would be interesting to read description of the game by Grace and Theo. Do they each have their own cache of marbles, and does the game involve winning marbles from other players? Marbles is still a big deal in western Pennsylvania. There is a grand marbles tournament held each year near the end of Summer in the courtyard of the Allegheny County Courthouse. I believe it is restricted to players fourteen and under.

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  2. That's really interesting Uncle Dan. I didn't realize that marbles was still big in Pennsylvania. I looked it up and sure enough shooting marbles is alive and well. Thanks for the tip. Be well. Laura

  3. Ohh! That gives me goosebumps! Isn't immersion wonderful?! Manda saludos a los chiquillos (en mi nombre, jeje)!

    besos, Riana

  4. This is a nice posting, Laura. You have no idea how much I (and many other people) enjoy reading about all of the things that Grace, Theo, Dan, and you are doing in Chile. The only problem may be that you are enjoying all of this too much and will not want to return to the chill of Minnesota!