Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A great mother's day!

Check out those socks! Jackie and I were served delicious pancakes, bacon and fresh squeezed OJ. Plus the kids gave each of us a pair of these great fuzzy socks and they both made beautiful Mother's day cards. But perhaps the best part was the homemade crossword puzzles- particularly challenging because of a couple misspelled words- nonetheless impressive!

We roused ourselves in the afternoon to take a bus up the coast to Con Con beach (about 45 min. away). We grabbed some food, threw the frisbee, played a quick soccer game and served the volleyball. And the kids weren't to be outdone by their Bridgehampton-raised-grandma who laughs at cold water. I think they are all crazy as this H2O is straight from Antartica! Yikes!

A great mother's day - especially because we got to have Jackie with us. Hope you all enjoyed your special day too.


  1. Love those socks! I'm impressed, Grace and Theo, by your ingenuity in making up a crossword puzzle for Mother's Day. Next challenge: create a suduko. Love, Grandma Mary

  2. How many times can I say "what an amazing experience!" Thanks for keeping us posted. Since we just talked, no updates from me! Ginny

  3. The socks are really special. I am so glad that Jackie was with you on Mother's Day.
    Grandpa Hooooo