Thursday, May 5, 2011

!our first asado!

A couple of days ago we went to our first asado! (grill) It was with my class. It was really fun! Here are some pictures.
ps. asados are really popular in Chile.


  1. Gracie, It looks yummy. It's fun to see photos of kids in your class. I'm guessing that you can understand most of what they say these days.

    Give your mom and Grandma Jackie a special day on Sunday.

    Love, Grandma Mary

  2. Hola Graciela!

    That looks like it was a wonderful asado; good food, good friends, and good scenery! I always say that I am a vegetarian until I get to an asado- then I eat lots of meat! jejeje Aren't choripanes delicious? Did you use aji to flavor your meat? I am glad that you having opportunities to hang out with your classmates outside of school, those are really special friendships that you are making.

    un besote, Riana

  3. Grace,

    What grade are you in anyway? Some of your classmates appear to be much older than you are, especially the fellows with the beards and moustachios. Were they held back?

    Uncle Dan Rogers