Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A little homesick tonight

We're all feeling a little sad as we said goodbye to Dan's mom, Jackie, today. We had such a nice visit and she fit right in down here. I think at least for me, somehow when a visitor leaves us, it feels like I have to do a little adjusting again to being so far from home. We'll get back into the swing of things in a day or two, but tonight we're already missing Jackie...and the rest of you.



  1. Dan and Laura,
    You have me thinking of "The Hobbit". Bilbo has wonderful adventures and then it's back to "su casa dulce casa".
    Chuck R.

  2. We will keep Jackie out of trouble at Ottertail Lake this summer! Promise! Last weekend D&J got the dock in and we helped get the lift in. On Sunday Ding How was launched so everything seems complete. We are missing you guys!! It's going to be quiet in your neighborhood as the Hale family has lots of ball games on weekends. So I guess we'll have to ramp it up enough to create enough chaos for all of us! Ann and Bill are back and they are fabulous as always!! We think of you often!!