Monday, May 23, 2011

The never-ending hike -above the clouds

Yesterday we took a bus out to Olmue (a town not far from Valparaiso) and did a huge hike up La Campana, the second tallest peak in the region!

We hiked with our friends, Jules and Steafan, Keith and Becky from NYC (who are living here in Valpo). A really nice guy named Luis joined us and kind of was our guide. It was his 90th time to go up. Daddy was sick, so he couldn't go.

It actually looked like we were on the tallest peak because the tallest one was far away. We made it to the top! We hiked up the 2000 meters in just 7 kilometers (6,561.68 feet in just 4.5 miles) and then we had to do it all over again all the way down (which was harder)! It took about 9.5 hours to go up and down.

It was really fun, but we were REALLY TIRED AND SORE by the end! Charles Darwin did the same hike in 1834. Check out his plaque.



  1. Theo,
    Great descriptions and photos! I never knew that Charles Darwin had spent time in Chile.


  2. You guys are impressive!

    Love, G.M. Mary

  3. Theo,

    Didn't Charlie Darwin play third base for the Twins? If this is the same Charlie Darwin, how could he have hiked up mountains in Chile way back in 1834? Maybe it was his grandfather or his great grandfather that did the hiking. Do they play baseball in Chile? Are there any Chilean baseball players playing in the United States or Japan?

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  4. Nice post, Theo! I can see why you all were tired at the end of the day. The pictures are wonderful.

    Jim R.

  5. Hola Laura, me encantan las fotos. El paisaje es increible y Theo y Grace se miran muy contentos.

  6. I wish we were there, ja ja ja

    stefan and jules