Friday, November 11, 2011

Start clowning around!

We keep hearing loud cheering crowds far off and late into evenings this week. We're not sure if its related to continuing protests or perhaps the 3rd International Meetings of Clowns! :-)

Yesterday, Theo and I ran over to a public show of Tuga, the mime vs. Chumbeque, the clown. It was fantastic! We sat with the rest of the crowd on the really hot cobblestones in the heat of the late afternoon in the Plaza Anibél Pinto and laughed our heads off. Tuga and Chumbeque are locals and definitely household names in this town. In fact, Chumbeque's son is in Grace's class this year. It's a common site to see a crowd suddenly gathering around a plaza and at the center is Tuga, the mime, doing an "intervention". Chileans love these guys and with reason. Can you imagine a mime being a household name in the States? Perhaps that was possible in another less busy, less cynical era.

¡Upa Chalupa! (I just love how that sounds). :-)


  1. Do these fellows put down a hat and take donations? Or are they State employees?

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  2. Another great photo. It's easy to imagine the crowds and the laughter. Glad you and Theo had a good time.


  3. They passed around the hat- and mimed that they would appreciate bills! :-)

  4. These guys could be the South American Kit & Kaboodle!

    Uncle Dan