Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another "seasonal disorientation"

Just look at these '"damascos" - apricots! (I just have to share that this is about a kilo of apricots, which cost about $1.50!). For goodness sakes - it's strawberry and cherry season here. Surely it can't be Thanksgiving tomorrow. Another seasonal disorientation experience.

No family in sight, no cranberries, no whole turkey, and no pumpkins to be had. No holiday lights to get up or last storm windows to put on. No trip to the North Shore to hike along Cascade Falls. No cold weather or chance of snow. It's in the 70's and gorgeous almost every day now. Really there is no Thanksgiving in Chile - or as its known in Spanish - Día de Acción de Gracias. I guess no marketing money to be made, so Thanksgiving hasn't made the export list.

So we are reconciling our seasonal disorientation and making the best of things. Although Dan has the next two days off, the kids have end of year exams all week. I have a parents' meeting at school tomorrow night (yep, on Thanksgiving). So the kids and I are business as usual tomorrow.

But Friday night, we've invited our Chilean "family" to join us for a night of feasting, giving thanks, music and poetry. I'm currently baking a zapallo (it looks like its in the squash/pumpkin family) with hopes of turning it into something akin to a pumpkin pie and the kids are considering a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. Should, hilarious, interesting. We'll keep you posted.

And we really have so much to be thankful for this year. Enjoy your special day tomorrow. We are sending our warm greetings to all.


p.s. we'll try to turn skype on in the evening

pps. Yes, those are zucchinis or "zapallo italianos".


  1. Whatever those yellow squash things are, yummy them up! Such yellow things are marvelously healthful and good for you!

    Uncle Dan

  2. Be sure to use this opportunity to explain to Chileans what football is. They think it is played with that round ball, in your shorts! Crazy.

  3. Yum! Zapallo y zapallo italiano! Have tried sopaipillas yet? With a little aji it's the perfect street food on a cold day.