Monday, November 7, 2011

Cooking from scratch

We certainly don't eat much fast food or processed food back in the States, but we're happy to break open a bottle of Ragu, or use the pancake mix or buy some hummus from the co-op.

Well, this year has stretched our cooking-from-scratch repertoire. Because a lot of our favorite foods aren't available, we've been enjoyed searching the web for our favorite recipes. Homemade bolognese sauce, homemade salad dressings, from scratch buttermilk for our from scratch pancakes, hummus that starts with soaking the chick peas, fresh squeezed OJ, etc.

Yesterday, we were treated to Sunday dinner at our friends' Marcelo and Fabiola's home. Marcelo made fresh pasta, and prepared delicious red, white and green (pesto) sauces. I couldn't choose - I had a little of each.

I had brought along some of Auntie Siobhan's Irish Soda bread - yum - which was a totally new food for our Chilean friends. It was a feast. While the adults sat around with a bottle of Chilean wine afterwards, the kids explored the cool trapdoor and played with the kittens.

There's usually additional time when cooking from scratch, but it's great to skip the additional preservatives and the results are usually well worth it - especially
when in good company.

Additionally, the kids have jumped right in and learned how to prepare a lot of different foods and have been willing to eat more kinds of food too.

Buen provecho a todos,


  1. Come on now! Your readers deserve some descriptions of the food you photographed. Is that caviar, the black beady stuff in the second photo from the top? And what is the other food on that plate?

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  2. Hey Uncle Dan. Don't worry, we aren't adding caviar to our pancakes! 1)homemade pasta, 2) blackberry, walnut, banana buttermilk pancakes, 3) our super duper juicing machine?, and cranberry scones. :-) Are you hungry yet?

  3. Yumyumyumyumyumyummy!