Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nice visit to the countryside today!

Dan was off to Santiago attending a conference yesterday and today. So the kids and I decided to ride Valpo's train to the end of the line (about a 1 hour-long ride through the countryside) to Limache and then we took a bus to the cute, little touristy town of Olmué.

Here's some fun things about our day:

1) We found a great recreational park that was walking distance from the plaza (thanks to the bus driver for the tip!)

2) The high temp today was 31 degrees celsius (88 degrees fahrenheit) - which meant the unheated pool felt pretty good! The synchronized pencil dives were the best.

3) 120 meters zip line -woohoo!

4) Gorgeous flowers all around - even the graffiti looks nice next to the bougainvillea and wall of geraniums!

5) Gorgeous garbage containers - John B., what do you think of getting Lyndale Neighborhood started on wrought iron baskets for garbage collections outside the houses. Love it.

6) We're back in strawberry season - which means yummy "jugos naturales" (fresh juice).

7) We got to visit our friend Victor's folks. Victor is married to my good friend Carolyn Bain from my Peace Corps training days in the Dominican Republic. Last we all met was in Seattle for their wedding - over 12 years ago I think. We stopped by Victor senior (Tito) and Angelica's house for "onces" or tea time and had a lovely visit.

8) Along the lines of toilet paper countdown, we contemplated another race today ...will our stay in Chile or Theo's shoes end first? Feel free to weigh in (yes, those are holes on both shoes & we won't mention what the bottom soles look like).

We had a great day. Hope you did too!

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  1. Looks lovely there. Better gear up for slightly lower temps and the flowers will probably be of the poinsettia variety:)

    Love, Mary