Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Grace Harriet!

Double digits! Wow!

Everyone in Gracie's class made a birthday card for her today - replete with Chilean flags no less (as Independence celebrations approach this weekend)!

Then this evening, the four of us headed out for our favorite ice cream (with a candle) at Amor Porteño and pizza at Allegretto at one of the nearby cerros (hills). We ate in that order because the ice cream shop closes early and the pizza shop doesn't open until late. Yum. Cards and gifts from all the grandparents (no small feat) topped off the evening!

At one point at dinner, we went around the table and talked of all the other places we might visit someday. Just hanging out in Minnesota for awhile was definitely on the list, but so was visiting all of Asia! Who knows where these kids will end up someday.

Because its the equivalent of Chilean 4th of July this weekend, we've postponed a friends' party until next weekend. More on that later. Also pictured, is Gracie testing for her first Tae Kwon Do belt last night. We're so proud of Gracie. What a neat kiddo she is growing up to be.

p.s. Thanks for all the great messages! It was really fun for Gracie to hear from so many of you.


  1. Happy birthday one day late Gracie! Of course, you are in the Southern Hemisphere, and time moves slower there, so maybe you are only nine again and your birthday will be manana.

    Laura and Dan,

    I am continually impressed by how good looking your children are. But don't let them see this and don't tell them I said they are good looking. Tell them I think they are both as homely as mud fences, although I am hopeful that they will eventually improve in appearance to the point that they will be able to go out in public, at least after dark.

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  2. Caitlin was over last night and we talked about your birthday, Grace. I hope it was as much fun as it sounded. Hope to catch you some time this weekend on Skype.

    Love, Grandma Mary