Sunday, September 4, 2011

Falling in love with Valparaiso all over again

Saturday was a beautiful day to wander the labyrinthine alleys and passage ways of Valparaiso and make new discoveries of art and angles.

The kids invited Vincente and Isadora to join us for a great puppet show and spent the day playing. I think we were all surprised at how much easier playdates are now - more fun than language work! Yah.

Picking up and dropping friends off again involved wandering cobblestone streets filled with public art and a joyous lack of cars. We did have to walk around the ubiquitous garbage and dog poop, but with the sun shining and friends calling out to us from windows - we hardly noticed.



  1. It's a nice posting, Laura. The pictures give me a good idea of your neighborhood, and the writing, as usual, is clear and fascinating. Now you have only about 3-4 months more before you return to Minnesota. Hasn't the year been passing quickly?

    Jim R.

  2. Hey Jim. Good to hear from you. Just today the kids and I were saying how quickly the time is going. Sometimes we start commenting on things that we'll miss and things we won't. For instance, "I'll miss these cobble stone streets, I won't miss the cigarette smoke". Hope Betty and you are well.