Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gracie's birthday party!

Hi everyone I had a really cool birthday party on Friday and I am going to tell you all about it!

For my birthday party we decided to do it in our house and do some games from the United States. So on Friday right after school we took all the girls in my class to our house. They were all really tired by the time we got up to our house so, we had some water and a snack. Then to start with the games we played two rounds of musical chairs, after that we played pin the tail on the donkey with counting in different languages then after a break of making sugar cookies to finish the games we decided to play Pictionary which was hard but fun. Then for the end of the game time we colored eggs which was fun to do it again for me and Theo and a fun new experience for the other girls.

After that we eat tacos, some dessert ,and some crazy fun time.

I really liked my birthday party being in Chile because it was fun to show my friends some traditiones from my country. But I kind of missed having it the U.S.A. because there we have a park so that we could play outside because here our house got a little destroyed.



  1. So cool, Gracie! Hope you were really nice to your parents, especially after all the girls in your class had CRAZY time in your apartment. Did you make Minnesota tacos (pronounced TAH-KOhs) or Chilean? And, did you make your friends do Pictionary in English? THAT would have been interesting! All my love to you all!

  2. Hi,

    found Gracie's blog and it's really fun to read and see the photos. You always come up with such inspired ideas for birthday parties. It looks like everyone had a terrific time. What kind of presents did you get--any underwear:_)

    Love, Grandma Mary

  3. Thanks for sharing, Grace. Sounds like fun and it gave us ideas for Solana's and Franny's birthdays coming up thin month. See you in a week.

  4. Gracie,

    You certainly do have a bevy of very pretty friends. (Look up "bevy" in your Funk & Wagnalls.) (Look up "Funk & Wagnalls" in your Wikipedia Dictionary.)

    You have now been ten years old for a number of days. Have you noticed the "double digit change"? It is imperceptible at first, but before long you will notice that you have become, very suddenly, more intelligent than your parents! Huzzah! (Look up "huzzah" in your Funk & Wagnalls.) (Etc.)

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  5. Sounds like you had a super fun birthday Gracie!!!! Miss and love you!!