Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bailes Típicos and Great Traditions

When we were in Lima in July, we went to a special buffet lunch as guests of Victoria Campoverde's family (one of my former teachers at Joyce Preschool). It was a delightful day and included with the lunch (which last for several hours) is a show that highlights some of the typical dances from each region of Perú. I was incredulous that the entire restaurant full of Peruvians all knew the lyrics to all the songs and the dances (as was obvious as volunteers from the crowd were pulled up to dance).

Well, so it goes in Chile. I think it's one of the coolest traditions. Every year at fiestas patrias time (independence days parties) all the school children learn a different regional dance and perform it in traditional costume.

Our kids had so much fun. Theo danced the "Costillar" from Chiloe and Gracie danced the typical "Cueca" from central Chile. We all are singing the "costillar" song - or humming as the case may be -since Theo is the only one that knows all the lyrics.

It was a lot of fun and all the kids did a fantastic job. Here are some photos (I'll see if I can get Dan to put up the video) of their dances.
- Laura


  1. The boys' mustaches are very impressive, but somehow I doubt that they are natural. Since I know very little about South America and the Andes Mountains region, I must concede that it is possible that these young Peruvian fellows have acquired the ability to grow mustaches due to strange things that might exist down there in the Andean air and/or water. If they are in fact natural mustaches, I would recommend that Theo look into growing one before you people return to El Norte. I would wager he would be the only boy in his class with a mustache. He would be a sure-fire hit with the ladies!

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  2. Awesome you guys. What fun! I remember dancing the costillar at the concordia language villages.

  3. I want to know whether Grace Harriet is wearing high heels. She can't possibly be that tall, can she?

    Grandma Shortie

  4. @Uncle Dan...what is there to say? @Jon - that's so cool- there must have been a Chileno at Concordia that session - Did you get to skip around? @Grandma Shortie - she had her cowgirl boots on at the time we took the photo, but I'm guessing you two are going to be close! :-)

  5. Hi grace! I saw all your pictures on the blog it looks like your having a lot
    of fun

    can't wait to see you in january