Monday, June 20, 2011

A rained-in weekend

We had Chile's version of a "snow-in" this past weekend. It's been raining almost without stop since Saturday morning and continues today, Monday. Driving rain, flooded streets and high winds mostly shut down the city. About 30,000 residents lost power from Saturday until mid-day today.

We were one of the lucky ones around here in that we kept power - allowing us the luxury of our little electric heater. Our neighbors periodically came down to charge their laptops. We looked down on the harbor as huge waves (5 meters or 15 feet) crashed and completely covered on our usual running route and listened as the corrugated metal roofs and siding flapped in the wind all night. There was even the rare middle of the night lightening flashes and rumbling thunder. Gracie and Dan made the trek down to school, where only a handful of students had braved the weather this morning. I am sure it would be considered a mere trifle by our friends/family in the Pacific NW or in England.

In addition, Theo and I have been fighting some kind of nasty virus since the start of the weekend. Theo's has G.I. woes and I have an awful cold - perhaps we both have the flu. It's one of the few times I'm really missing stuff from home; some pepto bismal for Theo, some nyquil for sleeping, lemon-echinicea juice, throat-coat tea, some spicy Thai Tom Yum soup from Taste of Thailand, and a Jane Austen film. Oh well. I'm sure there are many of the equivalents here but it will take some time, energy and a break in the rain to try procure them. In the meantime, Theo has got Angry Birds going and I did watch Ang Lee's version of Sense and Sensibility. :-)

Decidedly, a good weekend to stay in and watch movies. And a good weekend to make homemade wordfinds, crosswords, and pancakes for your a favorite dad! Yep, Chile celebrates Dia del Papa as well! And we celebrated with Dano as best we could.

Wishing you all well.

p.s. "Brontec" - pictured here -not so tasty!

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  1. Take TAPSIN! The lemon flavored kind that evaporates in hot water- it's so relieving!
    para mejorarse altiro!