Sunday, June 12, 2011

All Aboard...

Ooh, we have some blog catching up to do. But for now, I thought I would share our lovely afternoon of yesterday.

We've had a warm front hovering over us as of late, leaving the cold days of 50s for warm sunny days in the upper 60's and even 70's. Not bad for winter really!

Yesterday we took advantage of our balmy weather and at Gracie's urging headed to beach with soccer ball, volleyball, and frisbee in our backpacks. We don't have many options for field space or wide open green spaces, so the beach is our best option for playing some Saturday afternoon sports. The four of us went down to Caleta Portales - about 15 minutes on micro - and played for a couple of hours.

Then we strolled down the boardwalk and boarded an old, abandoned train that has been converted into a café of sorts. I don't think it would pass OSHA standards, but its delightful in its rustic ambience and great views of the early evening sunset. Some soda and delicious muffins made for a perfect afternoon.

We'll write more later about some of the other doings of late.
For now, our best to all of you, Laura

p.s. Thanks to all for your wonderful comments! It's great to know someone is out there! :-)

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  1. Hi Theo! We just had Fish Fest. They set up a Leonardo's Basement table. I made a biggerizer gun. - Eddie