Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unexpected gifts

A quick post script. Theo and I are both feeling a lot better today (Tuesday). The nasty tasting syrup from the pharmacy was a huge help. The sun coming out again was also very welcome!

I realized today that while I missed familiar cures and my comfort foods from back home while sick, this was the first time since perhaps my Peace Corps days, when I actually stayed in bed until my body felt better! I can't remember a time in recent years when I wasn't continuing on with work, writing a proposal, or taking care of kids despite being sick. It's a bit startling. I think its interesting in the States there's scarcely time to be sick.

It reminded me of how fortunate we are to have this year and how little stress I have in my life right now. Ironic as one might thing moving abroad for a year would involve a great deal of stress. But I think the toughest part of this year - at least for me - was the transition back home; deciding to travel, quiting my job, figuring out where would be the best place to spend the year, packing up the house, renting the house, etc. The kids might have a different opinion as their first month of school was no piece of cake. But thankfully, we're all in a groove now. Our lives are definitely simpler and slower paced than in the States. We spend more time as a family together and have fewer activities and demands on our time. Its some of the unexpected gifts of this year.

Hoping you are all enjoying some sunny weather as well.


  1. :) Your learning this year will certainly bring lifelong benefit. It's wonderful to hear of your experiences and insights.

  2. Isn't it amazing how there's "more time" in South America? Glad you guys have found your groove :)

  3. Glad to hear you're taking care of yourselves and taking time to rest up. When Rob and Siobhan came home from Africa, they tried to keep the slower pace going. Sure is hard, though.

    I drove home in fog and rain from Meg and Jon's place on the North Shore. It was impressive to watch the huge waves roll in and crash on the rocks. I haven't seen Lake Superior that turbulant before.

    Unfortunately I lost my wallet with credit cards somewhere on the way home. Hard to figure since i made only one stop and the gas station hasn't found my wallet. Oh well, I made it home safely and I'm grateful for that.

    Keep recovering.
    Love, Mom (Had a good time with Caitlin and Conrad last weekend here in MN)

  4. I am so happy to hear that your experience living in Chile has been good, life is so much simpler there and I miss those days living along my family just enjoying each others company eating pan fresco and te calientito. Muchas Suerte!!! y dias mas calientitos.

    Maria Bonilla

  5. Hi Pepi and "Lojo",

    I'd love to go to Chile to see the "Chunchos"!! And to hear the song "Pa Chile me voy, cruzando la cordillera" while crossing the cordillera.

    Charlie R.

  6. Maria, where does your family live in Chile? And you're right about some pan fresco y un té calientito! What could be better? Maybe seeing the Chunchos - like Chuck says! :-)

  7. My family lives in Santiago!!!!, I like Universidad Catolica noooo chunchos!!!!