Friday, June 3, 2011

My first soccer game!

Last Saturday I went to school for a soccer game. When we got there, we found the kids in the soccer after-school team and their families waiting to get in. Tadeo's dad had brought instruments (including two vuvuzelas) to cheer Tadeo and the rest of our team. Our team was wearing red shirts and the other team was wearing blue and white uniforms. One of the cool things was that the other team had girls on their team (unlike our team).

First we played dodge ball (que malas in Spanish), which was close but we won. Then we started playing soccer. There were too many people on the teams to have them all play at once, so every time the teacher blew the whistle it was time to substitute. Once, when someone else threw it in, I almost got a header into the goal. Thanks to the 4th graders, we won 7-0.

I hope there's another game soon and then maybe we can go to a different school to play.


  1. Theo meda gusto que practiques futbol por que ami megusta mucho mirar los equipos de la liga mexicana jugar.
    Cual es tu jugador preferido?
    Cual es tu equipo favorito?
    Los mios son Chivas y Chicharito, espero y allas escuchado de ellos?

  2. This is a nice posting, Theo. It gave me a good idea of how much fun you were having as you played "football" with your school team.

    Jim R.