Sunday, April 10, 2011

things that I like about mendoza, argentina.

hi. I know I already did a blog about going to Argentina, but then we did not know too much about it. so here's a list of things I liked about Mendoza.

  1. about every street is lined with trees and huge parks. (including one park bigger than central park)
  2. it's a beautiful trip through the Andes to get there. (even if it is a little curvy)
  3. it has great meat.
  4. it has a lot of cool animals in the zoo
  5. the taxis were cheap which is good because I am always tired.
by Theo


  1. Hey Theo,

    Looks like you enjoyed your hamburguesa! What an interesting weekend trip. There was a zoo in Guatemala City that I noticed as we drove to the airport, but I didn't get to see it. I saw lots of beautiful flowers and trees and finally got my motor boat ride on Lake Atitlan. Near our resort some kids and young guys were sifting through the reeds and weeds near the shoreline. I asked them what they were doing and they said they were looking for "animalitos." I'm still not sure whether they were looking for frogs or minnows or what. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Love, Grandma Mary

  2. Hola from Chuck Roche!

    This would be the time to be in Antigua Guatemala!
    My parents are there until May. In May I'll be in the Providence Half Marathon. Wish me luck!

    I'm reading Kao Kalia Yang's book whick has some Carleton references!

    Feliz Pascua y Passover!