Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Say it with me: ¡Puchuncaví!

Not only does it have a really cool-sounding name (poo-choon-kha-VEE), it's the site of the annual Desafío Puchuncaví Cross Country running race.  All 4 of us joined the running club I've been hanging out with, Viña Runners, last Saturday to take the challenge.  Lojo and the kids ran the 2.2K race, and I barely survived the 13K version.  We had a great time seeing a new part of the country and hanging out with some great folks.  Our orange shirts are on order!

After the race we went to the nearby beach at Con Con to celebrate Theo's birthday with some exploring for cool rocks and crabs and some good beach-side food.  It's fall here, but we managed to get a little sunburn anyway.

- Dan


  1. Those orange shirts are awesome! Want!

  2. Chuck "Rock" says: Hey Dan! You can run in Quito in the Ultimas Noticias race. I (fingers crossed) promise it's not hilly at all, lol.