Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our first snail mail!!!

Such excitement...our first snail mail. Thanks to my lovely sisters we had two correspondences today- Britt's wedding invitation and a citation from the Valparaiso police asking Caitlin to come into the station to identify her would-be pick pocket from photos (that is if she hadn't chased him long enough for him to finally discard her wallet. This all happened a month ago).

But I digress. Our mail carrier is Juan. He rang our doorbell and handed me the mail instead of using the mailbox and in a very kind way said something that indicated a tip was in order! :-) I love it. Well, worth the 10 cent tip he requested.

Thanks sisters! We love mail of any kind really, but we're especially happy to pay the tip for a little snail mail! (see our address above - a slight correction - it should say - Cerro Bellavista and Valparaiso).


p.s. Allow three weeks for delivery.

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  1. it is so nice to get real mail!! Now we have your address--I hope to get a letter out soon!--Samantha