Friday, April 22, 2011

Semana Santa and birthday weekend!

It's Viernes Santo (Good Friday) and a dia feriado (a national holiday) today.

For the kids and me, pouring rain made for a cozy read all curled up in our big bed, while Dan got on with his regular Friday morning - a run and back to work.

The three of us continued to indulge ourselves by kicking off Theo's birthday weekend a day early with a surprise of maple syrup and pancakes. Our first in three months. Maple syrup is not to be had in Chile, but our friend Monica explained that it appears in the grocery stores (at least in Santiago) every six months or so. She generously sent her more than half full bottle with me as a surprise for the kids!!! Shannon and Jeremy - you can guess that there's little competition for Vermont's finest and yet pancakes never tasted so good (we ate them standing - right out of the frying pan).

Theo's birthday request has been to make sure we're around for all the skype calls this weekend (we are having a friends' party next weekend). We're off for a race tomorrow morning in Punchucaví (isn't that a great name for a town) - the kids and I are doing a fun run and Dan is doing a long distance run - 12 km? But we should be around Saturday late night and all day we hope to connect with many of you then.

Happy Easter and may you have some nice cuddling mornings as well!


  1. Happy birthday to Theo! He is definitely looking older, and Grace is looking more and more like Caitlin (!).

    Do they look for Easter eggs in Chile?

  2. Happy Birthday to your little boy have a wonderful time. I remember when we were little my parents would boil eggs and then we would paint them it was fun and we were eager to eat them, so then those eggs were hidden in different places around the garden and we will look for them, now all kids expect chocolate eggs and presents which we never did as kids. Times are different now.. Ok! enjoy the pancakes (if you want me to send you pancake mix I will), my kids missed them too when we were there although the pan every morning would make really happy... Happy Easter to all of you (if you celebrate it if not enjoy the long weekend then.)