Monday, April 4, 2011

Lulled to sleep by the fog horn

The fog rolled in off the ocean last night. It enveloped everything in a cool, white mist. Dan and I enjoyed listening to the deep bellows of the fog horn as we went to sleep. It made us think of Dan's dad, Robb, and his stories of growing up in Duluth and listening to the fog horn there.

This morning as I took my morning walk along the water after dropping off the kids, I could barely see through my glasses. The fog was still thick and the horn was still booming.


  1. What an eerie photo. Is the weather changing?
    Love Rojo

  2. @Rojo - The weather is definitely changing. Our Indian summer is gone and now we are getting cooler days and much cooler nights. I bought stocking hats, gloves and gaters for the kids today!

  3. You bought gators for the kids for winter? I didn't even know there were gators in Chile, let alone ones that a person could buy and give to youngsters for wintertime activites. What a strange place Chile must be!

    I assume, Lojo, that you know that gators can bite, so I hope you didn't buy big ones. Perhaps you should take the gators to a veterinary dentist and have their teeth pulled so they won't inflict great damage on anyone when they snap. Are gator muzzles available?

    Uncle Dan Rogers