Sunday, April 17, 2011

Live, local bands a.k.a. "moment of hipness"

We tapped into some great, local music this last week. I went out with my friend Cecilia on Wednesday night to hear a fantastic artist named Pascuala Ilabaca and her group. She plays accordion among other instruments and sings divine. She then adds in guitar, bass, drums, sax, clarinet and güira! So fun. Check out this video of hers: - if for nothing else its got great video footage from the rooftops of Valparaíso.

Then on Friday night Dan and I ventured out to see an edgy artist - Camila Moreno and her band. We really enjoyed it and she has some fantastic songs as well. Here's a great song and a protest video also taken in Valpo...

To give you a sense of the scene - both nights, we walked a mere 15 minutes down the hill to a local club, La Piedra Feliz, and paid about an $8 cover. The room that staged the bands is intimate and seats about 100! Pascuala and one of her band members from Wednesday night's concert were in the audience on Friday. And another of her band members was playing in another room with another band on Friday night.

Dan and I felt a fleeting moment of hipness!



  1. Groooooovy! Did Grace and Theo stay home?

    Do you think you could get me a gig at that place? I play the ukulele and sing nursing home songs. Maybe Russ could get his first international exposure there as well.

    Please do not be corrupted by the notorious wild nightlife of Valpo.

    Uncle Dan Rogers

  2. Sounds super cool, you guys! So very hip of you. On the Oregon front, Ani came through town last week and I missed her! We did catch some fun newgrass bluegrass though. Lots of younguns' but hardly hip. Oh, yeah and we got to see some of the guys from the Buena Vista Social Club at a fairly small venue. The aisles were packed with hippies shaking our money makers. Love you! Will work on a care package soooon!