Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami alert

When we arrived at el colegio today the principal let us know about the earthquake in Japan. She wanted to reassure us that the tsunami that could be headed across the Pacific towards central Chile shouldn't reach here until midnight, but in any case she let me know about where the tsunami evacuation route would take the kids. Sobering, although both the kids' school and especially our apartment are relatively far and/or higher up from sea level.

Nonetheless, about half Theo's class didn't show up for school. While it doesn't sound like the authorities anticipate any real danger from a tsunami, the fear of tsunami's is palpable and seems greater than the fear of earthquakes here. Many communities didn't receive a tsunami warning following the February 27th earthquake last year, which created 9 foot waves.

I think everyone in Chile especially empathizes with the people of Japan today and for their difficult days ahead.

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