Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Date night!!!

As my mom, Mary, prepares to leave today, we are all smiling about our date nights. Grandma and the kids went out for a night on the town on Monday night. Which meant that Dan and I went out for our first night out without kids since we arrived!

What was really fun was the kids being able to take Grandma to a restaurant and not only order the food and ask the for check, but also carry on a conversation with the hostess as to where we were that night and about how their grandmother was visiting, etc. all in Spanish! So cool!!!

Yesterday, Mary and I ran to Santiago for the day and wandered around the city, visited some art museums, and got some really good pistachio ice cream.

We'll miss her.

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  1. Yummy looking fish! Glad you guys had a date night and a good time with the family. Go Caitlin, fighting crime!