Saturday, March 5, 2011

Barton in Valparaiso

On Thursday we started school as you all know, but since that's all you know, I am going to tell you a little more.

Here is a list of things that were different and some things that were that same.

Things that were the same.
1.There is no uniforms like Barton (boo hoo for me because I kind of like uniforms).
2.They call the teachers by their first name like Barton.
3.You have to pack your own lunch like Barton.

Now some things that are different:
1.There is no food that you can buy (an easy way to say it there is no school lunch).
2.There is usually no more than 20 people in one class (unlike Barton that has around 30 in each class).
3.There are four recesses each day (unlike Barton that has only one).
4.The building was made around the playground or courtyard, so there is a hole in the middle of the school (unlike Barton which the playground is on the outside of the building).

Now I will tell you the story from the beginning on the first day.

When we stepped through the entrance at 8:15am the first thing we saw was a bunch of kids with their parents saying hi to everybody that they knew from the last year. We walked over to Theo's teacher and she said to put his stuff down in the classroom. When we were in there we met this guy from Mexico. A girl from Argentina, the guy from Mexico and Theo and I are the only people who were born out of Chile. And he asked Theo if he wanted to play so then we waited tell the bell rang and then when the bell rang we went to our classes. I went to go sit down with the girls and we said our names and we said hi. Then the teacher said to make a circle with the chairs and then we went around and said our names and where we were from and if we were here the last year or if we were new and how old we were. Next we talked about the logo de la escuela and what it meant and then we drew a picture to represent Valparaiso or something from the logo. Then we had a recreo (recess), then we had educación física (gym) and then we had to pick our lunch spots and then we finished up the educación física. Then we had tecnologia (technology) and we got to draw whatever we wanted and then we had lunch. Then we finished up tecnologia, then we had música (music) the teacher was really enthusiastic and friendly. Then we had another recreo (recess) and then we finished up class and it was time to go at 4:30pm

We did pretty well for our first day but the Spanish was definitly the hardest thing but we enjoyed it and it was not so bad after all.


The first picture is after school, the second picture is the courtyard of the school, the third is my auntie (who is visiting) right next to the entrance to our school (the blue gate), the fourth is before school in our apartment, and the last is my teacher and me.


  1. Thanks for the details, Grace. I love reading about your experience. Keep writing. And I liked finding out what was different and what was similar to Barton.


  2. Hi, Sounds like your school has some friendly people and enjoyable classes. You have already picked up a bunch of new words in Spanish. Looking forward to seeing you this week. Love, Grandma Mary

  3. wow!there are not very many people that weren't born in chile

  4. Hey Grace,

    That is so exciting that you have started school! I remember being really frightened my first day of (high) school in Chile, but you seemed very comfortable. What kind of school is it (i.e catholic, English, etc)? I think it is interesting that they don't use uniforms...I agree that wearing a uniform can be fun- I always liked mine!

    Besos, Riana

  5. Excellent post -- very informative!!

    Don R

  6. hey guys. no fair you get 4 recesses! i like the parts where its like barton cause then it kinda seems like your with us

    from:freezing franny

  7. Hey Grace, exciting your 1st week of school! Was it scary, hard, fun or all 3? E-mail me soon I miss ya from:your BFF stuck in snow Solana ps I miss you even more then before

  8. Grace, you are so brave! I am inspired by your courageousness. As Rose and Xyla started school in English (although it admittedly is a funny-sounding English) I was thinking about you and Theo and what a wild adventure you were on. I loved hearing about it from you. Right on!!

  9. Dear Grace, how are you doing? Are you in school yet? What are you doing in school? What are you doing outside of schoiusaydriuvsby-sorry- school?
    Do you like the house or hotel you are staying at?
    have you been to the beach yet/ is it warm all the time?
    does it rain alot? now jakob would like to tell you about mr mutt. I found a Magnetic wonder dog named MR. mutt the magnetic wonder dog. It is the weirdest plastic toy i have ever seen and don't let anyone close to it that is under 5 or they will devour it and you will never see mr. mutt again... hey theo here did you get the sand? I ate a boereto theo out.

    see ya,
    room 218