Thursday, March 31, 2011

silliness at the beach

LJ:Hey Theo, where did you take this goofy video?
TW:we took it at the beach in reñaca. it's too cold to swim, but it's still fun for playing.

LJ:what other things do you play?
TW: we play sports, and the water is fine for chasing the waves. plus, it's more fun to chase cold waves than warm.

LJ: Why is it more fun in the cold waves? And can you share what sports we played this weekend?
TW: because if the waves are cold, it makes you run faster intead of standing around in the waves. as for the sports, we usally play soccer or volleyball. sometimes grace and I wrestle but not too much.

LJ: I bet all that soccer and volleyball and chasing waves makes you hungry. Do you have anything to eat at the beach?

TW:Not at the beach, but usually we go and get some ice cream across the road.



  1. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to show that to Boris! I'm in Philadelphia at a librarian's convention, having a good time. But, missing the kiddos. Love to you all!

  2. Hi Guys,

    That was silly video. I am missing your silliness, but I did take along Grace and Caitlins colds. It is hot here in Antigua, and no one says Ciao, but the bougainvilla is outstanding and we are expecting a big parade tomorrow.

    Hope things are continuing to go well (and silly). Love, Grandma Mary

  3. @Annie - Have fun in Philly and say hey to the kids for us. Yes, that video is definitely intended for all kid friends. @Mary- Sorry, you got the cold mom. Sounds like a great trip though - enjoy the parade- how's the Spanish going? - Lojo