Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Summer's over...

... time to get school supplies. All the procrastinators, including me, had some long lines to wait in. Lojo signed the kids up for school today - it sounds like a great place, and the kids are excited.


  1. Have a good year at school!!! I hope the children like their school.

  2. How did you pick a school? Colin started school (again) last week, here in Argentina. We had thought he might go to a public school this time, but the paperwork seemed like too much work for the three months that are left. So he started as an auditor in the local bi-lingual school. That is different than the school in Ecuador, since the students can speak more English. But still more than half of the day is in Spanish, so learning a new language continues. Hope your kids have a great year. After a month or so their Spanish will likely improve a lot and make things much easier.