Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to gather moss!

Well, our apartment in Valparaiso is finally available today! We're hoping this is our last move...for a good while.

It will be our twelfth dwelling in 2 months! These rolling stones are ready to stop and gather some moss! :-)


  1. Oh my! I will be right over! Your new home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It is so sunny and cheery. Glad you finally get to settle into your apartment. It is so much fun to see your journey unfolding. Love you all!

  2. So who gets the top bunk?

    Don R

  3. Dear Theo,
    I really like your new apartment! I like how there are windows near all of the beds. My dad says he likes the light that comes in the windows in the photos.

    Your school looks really cool too! Four recesses!?!? No fair!

    We have had some sad times here. Our dog Odin just died. We are all having a really hard time with that.

    I had a playdate yesterday with Keegan. We got in a huge snowball fight with kids versus parents. Including Beck and Taro down the block, it was 2 dads vs. 8 kids. My dad had 10 snowballs coming at him at once because Keegan and I were throwing 2 at the same time. He was all wet down the back of his neck.


    P.s. I am going skiing with my dad on Sunday. Oh, no! I forgot to tell you all about our trip to Grand Cayman Island! I'll write again soon!