Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crítica Gastronómica

My family has asked me to be the food critique for our trip. As we mentioned already- meat empanadas from El Meson are our favorite. Time for another review. Last night we went to a restaurant called La Brasa it was really good food, and here is my opinion of the food;

  1. yucca ( delicious )
  2. black beans(really good )
  3. red beans(not as good as the black beans)
  4. platanos( okay)
  5. rotisserie chicken(delicious)
  6. yellow rice(very good)
  7. yucca dipping sauce(very good with the yucca)

here is some tips about the food: if you blend the yellow rice with the black beans it tastes really good and I would also recommend with the yucca dipping it in the dipping sauce even if it does not look so good it tastes very good with the yucca

buen provecho, Grace


  1. Thanks for the tips! Your review makes me hungry.

  2. YUCCA is good with just about anything! Nicely done.

  3. Try platanos again. There are many ways to cook them, and they are a favorite of ours in Ecuador. When they are ripe we cut them the long way into thin banana shapes and fry them in oil until they are soft. Yummy with breakfast or as a not too sweet dessert. Also for fans of empanadas, try green plantain empanadas (with cheese or meat). These are great for people like me who don't eat gluten. - Natalie in Ecuador