Monday, November 1, 2010

Top 3 things you (and I) didn't know about Chile

image from Wikipedia
The kids and I were curious about the globe image below, and the portion of Antarctica depicted as part of Chile.  According to Wikipedia, Chile claims the shaded portion of Antarctica, between 53°W and 90°W longitude, but they are signatory to the Antarctic Treaty, by which they and other countries have agreed not to fight about it.

Three of the eleven children born in Antarctica are Chilean (the rest are Argentine).

Chile is rated a 0.58 on the Digital Access Index, the best in Latin America.


  1. What's Minnesota's Digital Access Index. I think my personal DAI might be very low! :-)

  2. Lojo, I like the idea of personal DAIs. I'd score below Dan, but above Sito, I think. Here's an example of a good question:

    Does these signs from the Rally to restore sanity and/or fear

    A. Make you laugh so hard Mt. Dew comes out your nose
    B. Chuckle like you understand how funny they are
    C. Ask Dano what he's laughing about.

    If you answered:
    A = you have a pDAI [that's Personal Digital Access Index] of your average Swedish school kid
    B = you'll fit right in with the Kyrgyzstani folks.
    C = Beaches of Togo, here I come!