Monday, November 15, 2010


I have been wondering what to do with all of my Halloween candy.

My mom says that I cannot take it with us to Chile and I cannot eat all of that

candy before we go. I need suggestions! Post a comment below.



  1. That is a very good question, Theo! Are you sure you can't possibly eat it all? Come on, guy, give it a try!!!

  2. Give it all to your Dad to take to his work, so he can share it with his co-workers. Especially that box of Dots!

  3. Unwrap it and hide it all around the house and then count how many mice there are when you return.

  4. Theo, I think you should put a little sticker with a date on every piece of candy and then hand them out at school, one to each kid in class. Ask the kids to keep the candy until the date on the sticker, and then eat the candy and send you an e-mail on the same day with a greeting and an update about what is going on with them.
    -Sara Wohlleb

  5. Use it to stuff the turkey. Nothing says Thanksgiving like Tootsie Roll stuffing.

  6. With such fabuloso suggestions I don't think you'll have any trouble getting rid of your candy. However, in case you have any left, grandmas have been known to eat just a little candy.

    Grandma M

  7. Hi,Theo! This is Tiegan. I have a suggestion. Why not give it to your dad and let him take care of it? My dad has been "taking care of" my candy lately too. He eats it!

  8. Dear Theo,
    This is Tiegan's dad. He can't PROVE that I am eating his candy. I told him that his dog Odin has been climbing up on his top bunk and eating his Snickers bars while singing "Nana-nana-boo-boo". Odin does this while Tiegan is at school, but he wears a mask to fool the cops.

  9. Dear Theo,
    This is Tiegan again. Dad can't prove that Odin has been eating my candy on the top bunk because I DON'T HIDE IT UP THERE.

  10. Dear Theo,
    How did you get the blue mouth in the picture of you and Grace with your grampy?

    P.s. Great sword!

  11. Dear Theo,
    I suggest keeping a supply of candy in your room for a midnight snack.(you'll never know when you might be hungrey):)

    - Olivia

  12. Sell it to the densist!


  13. give it all to your sister so I can throw it away or give it to our dad's work
    p.s I think you could eat it all in one day

    hope your cold is getting better love grace

  14. I'd offer it to your parents in trade for something you can take with you - like a cool new book or legos.